November 1, 2016

Karneshia, who likes to go by K.Shantel, is a Mississippi native but now resides in Birmingham, AL. There, she is studying to receive her MBA with a concentration in Marketing while simultaneously getting her nail technician's license.


She is no stranger to dividing her time diving into different hobbies and living a life that is never sedentary. Always up to something is what people who know her best would say. She has a strong passion for music and some of her main hobbies include: playing wheelchair basketball, always staying up on the latest developments in the entertainment world for material for her blog, building her modeling brand, and staying active in the city with different projects.


To sum it up, she enjoys life and all that it has to offer; she will take full advantage of each opportunity as it arises. 

"I came aboard Lyrical Noise Records to help discover new artists with various talents". -Karneshia Shantel.