"Why wait when it can happen now." Vince Bonham


At a very young age, Vince was introduced to music through his grandmother.  Born in Alabama, raised by his grandparents and aunts in Pensacola, Florida, he furthered his music by taking piano music lessons from numerous teachers.  At the age of 14, Vince, made up his mind to take his music to the next level and make it a career.  He graduated high school in 98, and started his journey.  At the age of 26, he was discovered by an entertainment company out of Baton Rouge. This gave him the experience that he was going to need to further his career.  He later started his own company Snap Lab Entertainment LLC. Under his company, he built a recording studio, media company and publishing company.  Engineering his own music and publishing his own music, opened the door to the bigger and better things. Now Vince aka Puncho, is known for his quality in sound recording, gift in music, composing, writing, marketing, launching artist, persistency in building his brand, and the list goes on.

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